Vac Trucks & CCTV Services

Culy Contracting provides Sewer Televising (CCTV) and Vac Truck Services for Sewer Cleaning and Hydro Excavation. Our experienced technicians can provide current and up to date technology in sewer cleaning, televising and trenchless repairs. We provide Hydro Excavation services to assist in areas that standard excavation practices are not feasible. We are committed to providing the latest technology to provide the best service for the underground utility industry in East Central Indiana and West Central Ohio.

Vac Truck/CCTV Contacts

Mark Ramsey, Project Manager/Estimator – (317) 432-5206,
Eric Nunez, Vac Truck Superintendent – (765) 729-2308,
Dalton Auker, CCTV Superintendent – 765-509-0365,

Services Provided

CCTV & Cleaning

Cleaning of sanitary and storm sewers, including manholes, lift stations, grease pits and septic tanks. The cleaning services of pipes and manholes is a standard practice when performing any pipeline or manhole assessment. The cleaning can include removal of heavy debris, root removal, and the removal of protruding laterals.

Manhole and Pipeline Assessment

Provide a detailed assessment with current software and technology of any sanitary or storm sewer pipeline. We can also provide detailed information of manhole structure with our Manhole Scanner.

Internal Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Perform Trenchless Internal Point Repairs using fiberglass CIPP on pipe ranging from 2” to 72”. Internal pipe repairs for larger pipe diameters are performed by our Protective Coatings Division.

Hydro Excavation (Vac Truck Services)

If the circumstance of the excavation does not allow standard open cut excavation. We can perform Hydro Excavation to ensure for non-destructive excavation around existing underground utilities. This can be used in place of standard excavation, but it is also used many cases to locate underground utilities in planning stages and during construction, and locating utilities during horizontal directional borings.

Emergency Services

Culy Contracting is available 24/7/365 for all your emergency repairs including cleaning of tanks, hydro excavation to spot utilities during water main breaks, sanitary force main breaks, any utility interruptions.

  • Mark Ramsey, Project Manager: 317-432-5206
  • Tom Franklin, Utilities Superintendent: 765-546-1893
  • Bruce Culy, Operations Manager: 765-546-0356
  • Stephen Tompkins, Project Manager of Flow Control Services: 260-766-1107