Culy Contracting focuses on the water & sewer industry for municipalities, commercial, and industrial customers. Culy’s divisions of work include the following:


Performs installation and repairs of water mains and services, sanitary and storm sewer mains and laterals, point repairs, site grading, on-site utilities, drainage, waterways, excavation, concrete, foundations and heavy hauling.

Protective Coatings

Provides manhole rehabilitation and tank coatings including manhole relining with epoxy and a cementitious mixture, corrosion barrier systems within caustic environments, leak sealing, I&I prevention, chimney seals, and manhole casting replacements and adjustments. Repair of concrete structures, concrete pipe and culvert lining

Flow Control

Performs large diameter pressure (hot) taps, line stops, bypass piping, and insertion valves. All  can be performed on live mains without taking the main out of service.

Vac-Trucks and CCTV

Includes hydro-vac excavation, sewer cleaning, CCTV inspection and assessment, remote trenchless pipe repairs, manhole scanning, testing.

Culy Contracting provides 24-hour emergency services for all your water and sewer needs.