Flow Control Services

Culy Contracting has been performing Hot Taps and Insertion Valves since 1997. We have grown to be one of the national leaders in pipeline flow control and pipeline intervention services for municipal, commercial and industrial markets. Maximizing asset uptime and eliminating system shutdowns. Our Flow Control Services specializes in Pressure Taps (Hot Tapping), Line Stopping and Bypasses, and Live Valve Insertion capabilities ¾ inch thru 42 inch on a variety of pipelines in the municipal and industrial markets. Our staffing and network of vendors allow us to respond to any situation – from planned shutdowns to emergency service and project consulting, Culy Contracting is your One Call Source for all of your flow control service needs!

Our trained technicians in flow control services are also Crane Certified and OSHA Certified. Enabling Culy to provide fully tooled service trucks equipped with remotely operated boon cranes, hydraulic units, generator, air compressor and water tanks for self-service installation.

Flow Control Contacts

Stephen Tompkins, Project Manager/Estimator – (260) 766-1107, stephen.tompkins@culycontracting.com
Jamie Whitesel, Field Superintendent – (765) 546-9709, jamie.whitesel@culycontracting.com

Flow Control Services

Pressure/Hot Tapping

Pressure/Hot Tap is the method of making a connection to an existing pressurized pipe without the interruption and/or shut-down of service of that pipe. This means that a pipe can continue to be operation while modifications and/or connections are being made to the system. Pressure Taps can be installed on pressurized water or sewer mains.

Valve Insertion

This is the method of installing a permanent valve on an existing water main without interrupting service on that pipe. Valve Insertions are often used to take the place of existing broken or missing valves. These can be used for redirection of flow, isolation of an area, main breaks, and as isolation valves on existing hydrants.

Line Stops

Line Stops are used to temporarily shut down a pipeline system to complete modifications or repairs. The Line Stop operation consists of a special flanged fitting, a temporary valve, and our actuator. The fitting is installed and tested, the temporary valve is installed, and the hot tap is completed. These are commonly used for cut and caps, tie-ins, main breaks, valve replacements, utility relocations, future system expansions.

Emergency Services

As you can see from the description of each of these flow control tools, that they can be utilized during emergency main breaks to control or shut down the water flow, build a bypass to make repairs to section of watermain, to avoid a system shut down. Culy Contracting is available 24/7/365 for all your emergency repairs.

  • Stephen Tompkins, Project Manager of Flow Control Services: 260-766-1107
  • Tom Franklin, Utilities Superintendent: 765-546-1893
  • Bruce Culy, Operations Manager: 765-546-0356


Culy Contracting has the experience and technology to perform these flow control methods on various pressurized systems including Chilled & Domestic Water lines, Fire suppression, Sanitary Waste and other Industrial applications. Our installation can be on various pipe materials and pipe diameters. Call Culy Contracting to determine the best flow control application for your needs.