Culy Contracting is an experienced underground utility infrastructure contractor with over 40 years in the construction business. Our team is committed to providing expertise and quality that you expect. We focus only on the water, sewer and storm water industry, along with total site preparation, for municipalities, commercial and industrial customers in East Central Indiana and West Central Ohio.

Utility Contacts

Aaron Anderson, Project Manager/Estimator – (765) 546-0308, aaron.anderson@culycontracting.com
Andy DeLucio, Project Manager/Estimator – (765) 914-6933, andy.delucio@culycontracting.com
Tom Franklin, Superintendent – (765) 546-1893, tom.franklin@culycontracting.com

Services Provided

Utility Installation

Installation and repairs of water mains and service lines, booster pump stations, metering systems and wide variety of specialty water system components. Valve and Hydrant Replacement and Repairs.

Sanitary Sewer
Installation and repairs of gravity sewer mains and laterals, pressure force mains and lift stations.

Storm Sewer
Installation and repairs of gravity storm lines, inlets, catch basins, manholes, retention/detention areas and drainage ways.

Site Work & Concrete

Perform Site work including demolition, site grading, on and off-site utilities, building pads, parking pads, and finish grading for buildings sites, commercial sites, ponds and drainage waterways.

Perform concrete work for municipal and commercial markets that include building foundations footer, foundations, slabs, sidewalk, curb, driveways.

Emergency Services

Culy Contracting is available 24/7/365 for all your emergency repairs including water main breaks, sanitary force main breaks, and any utility interruptions.

  • Tom Franklin, Utilities Superintendent: 765-546-1893
  • Bruce Culy, Operations Manager: 765-546-0356
  • Stephen Tompkins, Project Manager of Flow Control Services: 260-766-1107