Site Work & Concrete

Culy Contracting can perform site work for your project from demolition, grading, utilities, building pads, parking pads and finish grading for buildings sites, commercial sites, ponds and drainage waterways.

Culy Contracting performs numerous types of concrete work in both residential, commercial and agricultural markets. We specialize in building foundations, slabs along with sidewalk, curb and driveway projects. Also, we offer a variety of concrete services for commercial factories and businesses – concrete footers, foundation walls, and other specialty concrete projects.

We offer many services to the Agricultural and Residential community. Repairing drainage tile, drainage waterways, retention/detention ponds, provide clearing and site grading, demolition, and stone hauling:

  • Grading surface drainage ways.
  • Excavating and Grading retention/detention ponds.
  • Concrete – Excavation, form work, reinforcement installation, concrete installation and finishing.


Bruce Culy, Project Manager/Estimator – (765) 546-0356,

Andy Delucio, Project Manager/Estimator – (765) 914-6933,