Agricultural Services

Culy Contracting, Inc. offers many services to the Agricultural community in East Central Indiana. Installing farm drainage, drainage waterways, retention/detention ponds. Culy Contracting, Inc. can design and build your drainage needs, by plotting existing topography, determination of drainage patterns and layouts customized to optimize drainage systems for each individual site utilizing Trimble GPS.  We can help integrate your drainage needs around your planting seasons. Depending on the size of the project, farm drainage can be installed by:

  • Trenchless GPS enabled Wolfe self-propelled tile plow equipped with an auto power tile feeder.
  • Open Trench GPS enabled Buckeye wheeled trencher.
  • Open Cut Trench excavation with traditional excavators and backhoes.
  • In field Trimble GPS guidance systems, truck and ATV mounted GPS mapping system and design software.
  • Check out the Installation of Drainage Tile by 540 Wolfe Tile Plow and 7200 Magnum Wheel Trencher on YouTube

Culy Contracting, Inc. can also provide clearing and site grading, demolition and installation of concrete footers and bases for tanks and grain bins, and stone hauling:

  • Grading surface drainage ways.
  • Excavating and Grading retention/detention ponds.
  • Concrete – Excavation, form work, reinforcement installation, concrete installation and finishing.

Please call with questions or for a quote. No project is too large or small for Culy Contracting, Inc.

Agricultural Services Contacts

Andy DeLucio, Project Manager/Estimator – (765) 914-6933

Chad Brown, Superintendent – (765) 238-8942